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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will there be dust during the project?

Since dust is airborne it will settle in different places, so it is impossible to contain all dust during the project.

We take every step to keep dust at a minimum. You will need to do your own cleaning after work is completed. 

Will I have to do touch-up painting when project is completed?

Doing the sanding process large powered equipment must operate in small confined areas, some scrapes may occur. 

 We make every effort to minimize this, however some touch-up painting may be required. 

How do I maintain my floors once project is complete?

General Care: Vacuum and sweep your floor once a week. Use protective pads on feet of your furniture.

Use a damp mop only, too much moisture can cause damage to floors.

Can I stay in my house during this process?

It depends on the floor plan of your house and your sensitivity to dust, fumes, and odors

After the refinishing process, how long before I can walk on my floors?

 Please allow 24 hours after the last coat of polyurethane is applied before walking on floor. 

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